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‘The Falls’ Music and Arts Festival Lineup Announced

August 12, 2013 by
written by

Music festivals which park themselves around are somewhat plentiful, but seldom associated with anything other than ringing in the new year. What sets Niche Productions’ The Falls apart is that it is not only a celebration of a new year, but a celebration of sound, culture and creativity…but let’s stay focused on the sound for now.

Between December 28th, 2013 and January 3rd, 2014, The Falls makes its way to Byron Bay (NSW), Lorne (VIC), and Marion Bay (TAS) with a lineup featuring all kinds of wondrous acts to tickle your ear-pussy, varying between Hip-Hop, Soul/R&B, Electronica, House and Rock; the excellence is exponentially rewarding if you are the kind of person that lets sound wash over you in all kinds of rhythms and persuasions.

You will be treated to the likes of the ever-organic live-instrumentation Hip Hop of The Roots, Beyonce’s (infinitely more interesting) kid sister Solange, the gushing richness of Grizzly Bear (one half of Animal Collective), the ethereal beats of Bonobo, as well Australia’s own Hermitude and bearded beatmaker Chet Faker, among many more.

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