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Stash is a young, Australian-based media company that specialises in developing unique, avant-garde concepts. Our goal is to form a real link between contemporary youth and street oriented businesses, as well as relevant artists and events, and the youth culture of today, giving modern marketing that personal touch it’s been missing. We like to think of Stash as a movement that supports and encourages the development of individualism, creativity and street culture in general.

A team of highly skilled directors, DJs for hire, managers and editors direct a group of young filmmakers, journalists, marketing talents and promoters in order to create the driving force in online street culture. We report and reflect on any major news in the world of urban lifestyle, while we work tirelessly to keep any readers up to date on the latest and hottest events happening around Australia. We are experts at getting the most out of social media and online marketing, and will leave any client well and truly satisfied.

The world is shifting more and more online everyday. No one in our field has the combination of vision, drive and young talent that we do. This is our battleground, and we intend to own it.

The Stash team:

Editor & Site Admin: Christopher Zerafa

Senior Writers:
Andrew Hickey, Vlad Iouchkov, Chris Elena, Leah-Marie Roqueza, Bradley Nash

Contributors: Natasha Maree Ishac, Michael Perelini, Jack Hughes, Eleanor Castellani, Phillip Regado, Ali Infinite, David Simmons, Angelica Soares, Petar Bozic, Leo Chan, Crystal Grant.

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