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Haberstashery: 3People1Chain

November 9, 2012 by
written by

Once again it’s on and the unorchestrated theme for this week is: studs, gold and animal print. The Stash team went along to Jay Sean’s Sydney leg of his Australian tour and bumped into a couple of the support acts, The Syd Kids and one-half of Good Question.

Known for their fresh perspective on music and style, these young gunners were definitely a stand-out on stage and amongst the crowd. They are pretty much a walking Karmaloop store, an online store known to be the hub of a slew of streetwear brands from around the world. These guys (pictured above) were wearing some of the finest threads, from a Bulls snapback and a pair of Son of Mars Jordans, straight through to gold accessories and a bowler hat. Eclectic? Eclectic indeed.

With that being said, Animal print, studs, leather, gold and the odd retro piece are sweeping the streets of Sydney. Brands like TantumLA, Givenchy, SSUR (i.e. Comme Des Fuckdown) and anything illuminati inspired (#yolo #swag #triangles #oprah) are definitely the main influences amongst these outfits, or at least the artists that wear them (Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, etc). It has become the ‘it’ thing in streetwear culture and has somewhat become the new trend. Just like how coloured camo was big when Bape dropped their zip up hoodies, or when FUBU was magically big in the 90’s for some reason.

Will these current trends follow suit and fall off in the near future?  Well, the Stash team can’t predict the future, but for now, these trends are dope and these kids execute it well, without going overboard like Nicki Minaj.

Be sure to check out the pics up on Facebook in their full sized goodness and tell us what you think in the comment section below.

If you missed last week’s edition of Haberstashery here it is.

-Stash Team

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