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Haberstashery: Cameras and Five Panels

October 31, 2012 by
written by

It’s that time again and there’s an unintentional theme this week: cameras and five panels. I’m not sure how we managed to do this, but these guys have pulled it off well.

Despite the bi-polar weather and with summer approaching, there are a slew of people embracing vivid colours, light fabrics and a variety of headwear in Sydney’s streets. There is also a growing crowd of streetwear heads in Sydney, with various stores like Culture Kings, Espionage, Capsule and Halfsleeve ensuring that the Sydney folk are properly fed.

Be sure to expect the Givenchy inspired designs to sweep the streetwear industry in the near future, just like how the industry embraced camo, snapbacks, pattern pocket tee’s and Illuminati inspired designs (triangles, lots of triangles). Halfsleeve have an interesting and unique take on patterned tee’s with their NATIVE SON range using indigenous Aborigine art as a basis of design. As well as Order Sydney (featured above) avoiding the obvious with their soon-to-be-released tee’s.

With that being said, Sydney is home to many eclectic streetwear inspired fashionistas. Finding the best of all fashion worlds whilst avoiding the ‘Hypebeast’ label. It’s a refreshing sight.¬†What trends are sweeping your city? Comment below and drop some knowledge.

If you missed last week’s edition of Haberstashery here it is.


-Stash Team

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