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Album Review: Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dreams

November 8, 2012 by
written by

The beats are diverse while his voice adds the edgy and sultry smoothness that makes Miguel’s most recent album release, Kaleidoscope Dreams, a powerful tease to just how talented this artist is.

L.A. native Miguel gave the music world a taste of his style and form with his 2010 release, All I Want Is You. Though it started off weak, the album eventually weaved its way through air waves and ear buds and found itself a spot at the forefront of R&B music, turning all eyes toward Miguel and giving him the momentum for this second album release.

Miguel can easily be considered a pioneer in this new era of R&B singers and songwriters, setting himself apart with his eclectic mix of lyrics, vocals and sounds. Each track is different, unique and yet consistent; his voice glides through the air and is rich and soulful throughout every one of the 11 songs featured. He kicks it all off with Adorn, a song that when mixed with red wine in the bedroom and some sexy lingerie is the ultimate baby-making music. It’s gentle, it’s easy and it’s all about the lady. Men, take a note of how to woo that girl of your dreams: The same way that the stars adorn the skies yeah (every night baby)/ Oh, look up suga (every night baby)Now, hey, hey, hey/ The same way that my whole world’s in your eyes (in your eyes baby). It’s honest, raw and vulnerable, and it sets the mood for the rest of the album to pour through your stereo and whisk you away to bedroom euphoria.

He keeps the sultriness going with Use Me and How Many Drinks, but Miguel brings in a twist of pop and hip hop undertones with his track Kaleidoscope Dreams. Still as silky smooth as a kimono, this song introduces a new tempo that makes you think twice about what it is Miguel has up his sleeve. You can’t put a label on him, because just when you think you know what Miguel is all about, he surprises you with a different kind of track that demonstrates why this artist has become a force to be reckoned with.

He wraps the album up with the reflective and introspective song, Candles in the SunMiguel opens up on a new level, saturating us with heavy lyrics and his deep and full vocals that pierce the very heart of what deep-thinking and life is all about: Sun goes down/ Heroes often get shot/ Peace has long been forgot got got got/ Ohh will it be too late fore we find out?/ We’re all that we got.

Kaleidoscope Dreams should be all you need if you’re dreaming of sensually smooth tunes and tones that carry some weight to them. Miguel shows us what unpredictable is all about, and boy oh boy – it’s never looked or sounded so good.


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