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Album Review: Rihanna – Unapologetic

December 6, 2012 by
written by

Unapologetic Rihanna

Rihanna has gone above and beyond with her seventh album, Unapologetic. The pop princess has redefined the genre and broken the mold of what we think pop music should sound like. She explores and mixes pop, dance-pop and R&B as well as hip hop, electro house, dancehall and dubstep.

RiRi’s Pon De Replay’s days are long gone, however we have known this for some time now. Her raunchy Instagram photos (see bottom of the page) seem to reflect her lyrics as she sings of strippers, money and sex. Power It Up  encapsulates the Rihanna we have been seeing in the media lately with lyrics like, “strippers going up and down that pole… all I see is dollar signs money on my mind.”

Loveeeee Song, produced and featuring The Dream, would have to be the stand-out R& B song of this album. It’s smooth sounding and The Dream brings a refreshing, calmer tone. Another favourite from the album would is Jump, produced by Stargate and dubstep kings Chase and Status. The song borrows Ginuwine’s Pony chorus, and when delivered by Rihanna and her sultry vocals, sounds phenomenal.

Unapologetic can’t be reviewed without having an ethical discussion on or a moral debate over Nobody’s Business, featuring ex/current/we’re-not-sure boyfriend Chris Brown. Reminiscent of an early ’80s Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson pop song, the upbeat track is not subtle in its lyrical message.  The two are professing their love for each other and it’s nobody’s business. Chrianna fans will be very happy.

Some big names help Unapologetic reach its greatness and critical acclaim. David Guetta produced and co-wrote a number of the songs featured, as well as The Dream, Chase and Status and Stargate. Newcomers to the Rihanna navy and to collaborate with Rih are Mike WiLL Made It and Labrinth.

Australians should be proud to know that our very own Aussie born Sia helped to write the lead single, Diamonds. We get to hear RiRi’s amazing Barbadian accent and a glimpse at her roots on No Love Allowed, which she co-wrote herself. This song will transport you and leave you lost on a Caribbean island, as you nod along and become entranced by her accent.

I give Unapologetic a 9/10, there is nothing like it out right now. It’s different and it explores all genres plus it’s interesting to see what Rihanna actually does as opposed to rolling and smoking blunts all day as her Instagram suggests. But what can we say, she keeps it interesting.

Picture taken from Rihanna's instagram

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