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Video: Sudan Archives – Nont For Sale

July 14, 2018 by
written by

Los Angeles-based singer and violinist Sudan Archives has just released a video for Nont For Sale, from her second EP Sink, which she co-directed with Ross Harris and creative director Leonardo Volcy.

Sudan’s co-director Ross Harris says, “Sudan’s work is incredible and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her and Leo on this visual. Her opening lyrics on this song are a perfect double entendre for how this country has treated Black Americans time and again. ‘You only call me, when you need something.’

Sudan Archives – Sink EP

1. Sink
2. Nont For Sale
3. Pay Attention
4. Mind Control
5. Beautiful Mistake
6. Escape

New EP Sink out now on Stones Throw Records

SinkSudan ArchivesVideo

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