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Mojo Juju Releases New Album ‘Native Tongue’

July 28, 2018 by
written by

Melbourne’s Mojo Juju (Mojo Ruiz de Luzuriaga), returns in the form of a new single which also acts as the title track for her third studio album NATIVE TONGUE.

The track boasts a beat courtesy of Joelistics and vocals from Pasefika Vitoria Choir while Juju takes a hand over either side of her chest and turns herself completely inside out, laying her innermost workings bare for all to see. It is a song is both personal and painful, yet simultaneously empowering and anthemic.

The video features members of the Indigenous dance troop Djuki Mala and through the telling of family history and her own personal experiences, Juju explores her relationships with Elders and Ancestry.

Juju describes the track as “a song about longing.  I think it’s a song for anyone who has ever felt like they are stuck between two worlds, struggling to find a place in either.  Of course, I wrote this song about my own experience, but I also wrote it hoping that it might reach other mixed race and/or Indigenous people who have longed for deeper connection to their culture. “

Juju has enlisted the help of multiple producers including Joel Ma (a.k.a. Joelistics), Steven Schram (Paul Kelly), and Jamieson Shaw (Netflix series The Get Down), and includes a number of features from Hip Hop MC Mirrah (L-Fresh The Lion) to soul music royalty Joshua Tavares.

NATIVE TONGUE Track Listing:

  1. Native Tongue
  2. Papá (Tagalog Interlude)
  3. Something Wrong (Featuring Mirrah)
  4. Think Twice
  5. Bound To
  6. Cold Condition (Featuring Joshua Tavares)
  7. Shut Your Mouth
  8. Never Again
  9. I Just Wanna Know
  10. Pidge (Jackie Interlude)
  11. Far Too Late
  12. 1000 Years
  13. History
  14. Hurricane
  15. Don’t Stop Me Now
  16. Native Tongue Reprise (Featuring Lay The Mystic)

The album is out August 24 via ABC Music/Universal.

Mojo Juju

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