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RZA Talks ‘Man with the Iron Fists’, Compares it to Music Career

November 16, 2012 by
written by

Realising his lifelong dream of being a martial arts film director, hip hop veteran the RZA has unleashed the Man with the Iron Fists. “This is full circle, martial arts has been a big influence in my life,” he said in a recent interview with Vlad TV.

RZA also spoke about the parallels between his music work and the film. “I compare this film to my first album [36 Chambers]. I know that’s a big statement, but that album entertains you. It changed the game actually, and it also informed you.” Always the philosophiser, RZA believes both forms come with doses of wisdom.

“This film does have some information. For my fans that know what I bring to the table, whether they’ve read my books or listened to my music, they know I always put a spoonful of wisdom in there.” Mary Poppins, you can keep your lousy spoonful of sugar.

Becoming a student of the film world, he seized the opportunity to learn from executive producer Quentin Tarantino. “I’m looked upon as the Abbott of Wu-Tang Clan, teacher of many, yet to Quentin I became a student, and that’s a lesson I’ll show any man. Every master should realise, even though you are a master you should never stop being a student. When you stop doing that you’ve given up on life.”

The mogul now sees a big future for himself as a filmaker, having also learnt from director-screenwriter Eli Roth. “Now I write screenplays like nothing because I was with an expert.”

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