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Roc Marciano Announces Sophomore LP

September 3, 2012 by

Ex-Flipmode rapper, Roc Marciano, has remained active over the past several years. Last week, the Long Island rapper/producer announced the upcoming release of his long awaited sophomore LP, entitled Reloaded.

The set features 15 tracks, which will offer an ‘ice-cold slice ofNew Yorkrap grittiness from a dead-eyed master of the craft.’ The project is largely self-produced, aside from a handful of tracks produced by Alchemist, Q-Tip, and The Arch Druids.

Reloaded drops November 13th, via Decon.

Below is the full tracklist:

1. Tek To A Mack (Produced by Roc Marciano)
2. Flash Gordon (Produced by Alchemist)
3. Not Told — feat. Knowledge Pirate and Ka (Produced by Roc Marciano)
4. Pistolier (Produced by Alchemist)
5. Thugs Prayer Pt. 2 (Produced by Roc Marciano)
6. 76 (Produced by Roc Marciano)
7. We Ill (Produced by Roc Marciano)
8. Deeper (Produced by Roc Marciano)
9. Death Parade (Produced by Roc Marciano)
10. 20 Guns (Produced by Roc Marciano)
11. Peru (Produced by Roc Marciano)
12. Thread Count (Produced Q-Tip)
13. Nine Spray — feat. Ka (Produced by Ray West)
14. Emeralds (Produced The Arch Druids)
15. The Man (Produced by Roc Marciano)



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