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J*DaVeY Vocalist Announces Solo Projects

September 26, 2012 by
written by

The vocal member of electro-soul duo J*DaVeY, Jack Davey has announced she will be releasing a 3-part series of EP’s that will showcase a completely different side of her style.

The first release of the series, titled L0-F! Side A, is being described by Davey as “a girl, her shitty guitar, and introspective songwriting,” and will be released on October 2. L0-F! Side B is said to feature a heavier reliance on live instrumentation with production by Jack’s boyfriend, Joey Strat of The Knux, and will be released on November 6th. A deluxe version containing both sides, along with three bonus songs and a special booklet, will be released on December 11th.

Teaching herself how to play a Squire Strat guitar over the past two years, Davey has chosen to take a departure from her group’s lush, sexually-charged electronic soundscapes. “This creative process was unlike any other I’ve ever experienced,” explains Davey of the DIY approach. “I was hearing a raw and gritty rock sound in my head and knew that I would have to create it myself in order to get exactly what I was imagining.”

To celebrate the release Davey has released a new song from the first project, called Howl At The Moon. Peep the music video below.

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