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Home Brew ‘Speakeasy’ Tour

July 24, 2012 by

Despite what these people might tell you about Home Brew being burdens on society, or advocates for drug dependency, you’ve got to respect the integrity of their independence and the diligence of their work ethic.

Off the back of launching their self-titled double album (the first Hip Hop album to debut at #1 in New Zealand since 2003) by throwing a 48-hour party in an old brothel, having their controversial pop-up store closed down early, then touring the carnage around NZ, Home Brew are bringing the party to Australia.

With support from Australia’s own Sky’High, Home Brew’s Tom Scott, Haz Beats and Lui Silk and their live band are set to play four dates throughout August in Perth August 9th, Melbourne August 10th, Sydney August 11th and Brisbane August 12th.

Home Brew will be showcasing tracks from their critically acclaimed double album a piece of work that after three years of dedication and benefit fraud, is good enough to move them out of their Mum’s place. Conceptualized by the balance of life’s extremities, one side is light, the other, dark. It’s a dichotomy of methadone and melancholy. Infinity and finality. It’s a record that looks back at Saturday’s moment of madness through Sunday’s moment of clarity, and something you definitely won’t want to miss live.


Music videos
Good God -
Yellow Snot Funk -
Time Don’t Wait -
Thursday 9th August – Amplifier, 393 Murray Street, Perth
Supported by Sky’High, Rae The Public School Band, Ta-ku & DJ Substance
Tickets available from

Friday 10th August – The Espy (Gershwin Room), 10 The Esplanade, Melbourne
Supported by Sky’High, One Sixth, Young Lean, DJ Penfold & DJ Substance
Tickets available from

Saturday 11th August – The Factory, 105 Victoria Road, Sydney
Supported by Sky’High, Soul Benefits, Klue & DJ Substance
Tickets available from

Sunday 12th August – Coniston Lane, Coniston Lane, Brisbane
Supported by Sky’High, Fortafy, E’den, DJ’s Munkybar and Tweak & DJ Substance
Tickets available from


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