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New Year’s Eve – An Excuse To Party, or The Greatest Night of The Year?

December 7, 2012 by
written by

Everyone remembers that one line from the dated TV series The O.C when Summer assured us, “The way you spend New Year’s Eve is the way you’re gonna spend the rest of the year.”

So how true is this; do you plan your New Year’s celebrations months in advance, focusing on every little detail in order to make the night perfect? Or do you simply go with the flow, keeping it last minute?

We’ve put together a list of 15 of the most sought-after New Year’s Eve celebrations, everything from flying to New York to watch the ball drop, to spending the night searching for the midnight lip-lock. Either way, 2013 is almost here… time to get the party poppers out and put the drinks on ice. Happy New Year Guys!

  1. Melbourne will once again host two dazzling firework displays, with live music performances and many activities. This can be best viewed with a picnic rug on the Yarra River.
  2. Lorne seems to impress every year, hosting one of the biggest Music Festivals, with a huge line-up to welcome in the New Year. For more information, visit:
  3. One of those people who couldn’t care less about the New Year? Lucky Coq’s ‘No Frills NYE – 100% Thrills’ event will accommodate your style. For more information, visit
  4. Ever wanted to have a big, fancy NYE? The Botanical’s ‘New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner’ is a black-tie event, with all the lavishness you could ask for, with a party in the bar until midnight. For more information, visit
  5. With so many festivals and events on offer these days, sometimes it’s best to avoid it all and go away with a group of friends. Whether it’s camping in the bush, or a holiday house at the beach, nothing beats good company, a BBQ and a slab.
  6. Ever thought what was meant by “watching the ball drop”? New York hosts the annual ball drop in Times Square that attracts thousands of people across the globe, with a huge countdown, and a giant lit-up ball, well, dropping – be sure to put that on your bucket list.
  7. Not a party person? Grab champagne, sit on the couch and watch the fireworks from your telly. No traffic, no over-priced drinks… just pure bliss.
  8. All the festivals, fireworks, or galas in the world couldn’t make up for the good ‘ol house party. Blast the music, poor the drinks, and don’t forget the midnight nudie-run!
  9. Never had that midnight kiss? Christmas mistletoe didn’t work too well? Spend New Year’s searching for that special someone in one of Melbourne’s Bars. More info
  10. Ever wanted to go to Antartica? Why not celebrate NYE there? Qantas have party-flights which allow you to discover Antartica by pane whilst welcoming in the New Year with a party on board!
  11. Spend New Year’s Eve at the beach, throw a party, grab the iPod docks, and welcome in the New Year whilst dancing around a bonfire. Just don’t fall in and burn ya bum.
  12. Why not celebrate in International Waters? P&O Cruises can keep the fun (and relaxing) going for days on end with one of their NYE Boat Cruise parties!
  13. Cherish your childhood and let it all hang out at Melbourne or Sydney’s Luna Park – just make sure to grab a seat on the Ferris wheel for the firework display!
  14. Why not travel to the bottom of the earth on the New Year? Qantas hosts annual flights over Antarctica, with a party on board an A380 – talk about memorable!
  15. Been a big year? Curl up in bed and sleep through the New Year… Just remember to change the calendar tomorrow!

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