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Movie Review: Abigail

April 20, 2024 by
written by

Your typical popcorn horror flick, Abigail is undoubtedly a fun movie for gore/lore fans. The basic premise is a band of aspiring criminals kidnap the 12-year-old ballerina daughter of a prominent underworld leader, and their only task to secure a $50 million ransom is to keep an eye on her for one night. Unbeknownst to them, the lady is a vamp. By the time they realise young Abigail’s abilities (played spectacularly by Alisha Weir), it’s too late.

Soon, the house is locked down, and Joey (Melissa Barrera) and her team of misfits are left to fend for themselves. Despite their knowledge and humorous discussions about vampire-killing clichés, they’re unprepared for Abigail, who combines ballet dance with her violent rampage.

This mix of campy flair and excessive bloodshed perfectly screams intense ‘80s vamp vibes: think the wild, off-the-wall aesthetic of Lost Boys and Fright Night, where horror and humour meld seamlessly. Pairing all that with a claustrophobic, monster-on-the-loose narrative where you must survive the night is simply genius.

It must be said that while Abigail features plenty of blood and gore, and impressive vampire fangs (earning it an MA15+ rating in Australia), it hardly delivers any essential tension or fear. Since the plot is predictable and the main villain is obvious from the start, there’s little chance for a truly unique experience.

Despite this, the film does offer huge entertainment value through its visually striking effects and moments of dark humour, which will appeal to fans looking for a lighter, more playful take on the vampire genre.

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