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Haberstashery: SMPLCTY

November 16, 2012 by
written by

It’s that’s time of a week, sort of. Due to the relocation of our HQ and being insanely busy lately, we present to you a delayed Haberstashery. We spoiled you guys with 3 people last week, so we figured we’d even it out and just give you one Sydney crooner to gaze upon.

This week doesn’t have a theme but the reasoning for taking a photo of this young and colourful lady (pictured above) is that she emulates what most people often miss when it comes to dressing themselves on a day to day basis. That is, dressing simple.

There is a common theme that is brewing around online fashion forums (Niketalk, Hypebeast, Vogue, etc) and on the streets too, where people attempt to one up each other by wearing outrageous clothing and cray accessories (i.e. grillz, fluoro, condom dresses). One person that often dresses outrageously is Lady Gaga and oh, lets not forget about Sean Kingston and his Crayola chain (pictured. smh). Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wearing something outrageous with confidence and absolutely killing it. But it does become quite absurd when people dress like clowns to prove to their ego that they’re fashionable and full of swag *cough* BigSeanandEveryOtherHypeastOutThere*cough*.

Simplicity doesn’t necessarily have to relate to conformity or boringness (making up my own words ftw). It can be quite the opposite and can go a long way. Take a look at Nick Wooster, Josh PeskotwitzBrad Goreski, James Dean and Eric Jennings. These guys all exemplify the idea of dressing simple by using different colours, fabrics and patterns to stand out and to create a timeless look without resorting to attention seeking clothing items (I would’ve added a couple females to that list, but I’m quite oblivious when it comes to women’s wear. Sorry ladies.) But knowledge of clothing in general does come in handy and knowing what fits you and how it’s supposed to fit you (suit jackets) can make you look like a trillion dollars.

With that being said, I can write 50 essays about this topic but I will vaguely conclude it with this. With a bit of research, some wise investing, avoiding the obvious and paying attention to the minor details (accessories, cut, fit, grooming) you can prevent yourself from looking like a clown on acid by simply dressing simple.

If you missed last week’s edition of Haberstashery here it is.

-Stash Team

Pictures: Michael Perelini, (condom dress), Splash News (Sean Kingston)

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