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Haberstashery – Australian Street Style

October 17, 2012 by
written by

Introducing the birth of Haberstashery! Where Stash meets Australian Street Style.

What is Haberstashery? The name Haberstashery is basically the love child of the words ‘Haberdashery‘ and ‘Stash’.

We’ll be hitting the streets to document unique and well dressed Australians in their element. Not only will we create a visual diary of what people are wearing on Australia’s streets, but we’ll also be taking a special focus their use of fabrics, accessories and the general styling of their outfit.

Granted, there are various fashion bloggers (MITT, Bill Cunninham, Sartorialist, Tommy Ton, Phil Oh, etc) already contributing to the street style blogosphere, but we feel there is something missing in the photographing of eclectic individuals within Australia’s growing fashion scene. We love the way these two put it together and they embody exactly what we’d like to focus on—dope individuals.

This is the first of many weekly installments, so tell us what you think of these outfits in the comment section below.

– Stash Team



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