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Giveaway: ‘This is The End‏’ Inseason Passes

July 1, 2013 by
written by

Thanks to Sony Pictures, we are  giving away 5 inseason passes to the new comedy This Is the End. This is the fourth film produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the first being Superbad, followed by Pineapple Express and The Green Hornet.

The film follows six friends trapped in a house after a series of strange and catastrophic events devastate Los Angeles. As the world unravels outside, dwindling supplies and cabin fever threaten to tear apart the friendships inside.  Eventually, they are forced to leave the house, facing their fate and the true meaning of friendship and redemption.

Only At The Movies! July 18.

For your chance to win, email us your full name and postal address to

Entries close July 15th.

Rated MA

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