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Four Decades Of Hip Hop Dance In Under Two Minutes

August 29, 2012 by
written by
Four Decades Of Hip Hop Dance In Under Two Minutes

Hurrikane breaks it down

Dance has always been one of the major elements of hip hop dating back to the 1970s. Thanks to the popularity of dance-related movies and reality TV shows it has had an increase in popularity in recent years.

In a new video, which runs just under two minutes, superstar breaker Hurrikane seamlessly takes viewers through four decades of dance, demonstrating styles ranging from Uprocking to the Bart Simpson to the Harlem Shake and everything in between.

Hurrikane’s comprehensive b-boy dance tutorial is released in celebration of the first authentic hip hop video game in the dance category, titled the Hip Hop Dance Experience.

The Haitian-born New York native Hurrikane is a hip hop dance star who has won numerous dance competitions and has been featured popping and locking in TV commercials and movies.

Watch Hurrikane break down four decades of hip hop moves here:

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