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Art Room: Ole Martin Lund Bø Transforming Type

November 2, 2013 by
written by

For the uninitiated, anamorphic typography is focused around creating 2D typographical pieces spread across a 3D environment without losing the integrity of the phrase or quality of font or content. Several artists have embraced it including Ole Martin Lund Bø.

Living in Oslo and Helsinki, Ole Martin Lund Bø has an amazing ability to create this illusion using minimalistic materials and simple techniques which make for an incredible artwork. Ole Martin Lund Bø has a minimal approach to his work. The materials he uses – such as tinted film for car glass, architectural fragments, structural excerpts and means of social decorum – are inscribed with meaning, radiating power and desire.

The works themselves, however, are extractions rather than abstractions, merely suggesting an act or certain behaviour. His monochrome surfaces are stage sets, codes and catalysts, producing their own specific rules of engagement. Here we see nothing but ink and wood utilised to create an amazing example of anamorphic typography.

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