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Street fashion meets soul & funk vibes | Falsetto of Fashion

September 22, 2013 by
written by

If you’re tired of persistent aromas of high snobiety hubris, Dom Perignon showers garnered with Dior Homme cufflinks, and has-been DJ’s serving Top 40 headliners. Do yourself and your entourage a favour, lend your ear to the grapevine.

Falsetto of Fashion silver platters the unison of an edge-epitomizing designer runway show with live soul/funk tunes.

Illustrating a raw facade of an indie fashion’s night out with trump cards that separate from your run of the mill Spring collective, Falsetto paves for tous inspirant pieces to walk the white mile.

With creme de la creme designers showcasing their new season threads including Sole Mate, Leather On, AF Clothing, and Boheme Bimbo – a line that carries a Black Milk x Sabo Skirt steeze. Notorious & Co holds tight to an 80‘s New York nostalgia, embodying smart hip hop and street culture, encompassing labels such as New Era, Obey, and New Balance.

Falsetto will be ornamenting the show with smooth soul and live funk, tunes with compliments of DJ KC.

Featuring the vocals of ALPHAMAMA and Soul Benefits, as well as Bboy crew Trickatrons turning up the amp, festivities will hit the ground sprinting.

Mural loving? 567 King with NBQ ProSpraypaint will be supporting live graffiti to be auctioned, with all proceeds going to The Clown Doctors.

Commercially, an eccentric fashion’s night out. Industry-wise, a networking opportunity for like-minded creatives. And essentially, an event the fashion conscious won’t miss.

Falsetto of Fashion. The Ivy, 6pm 29th of September.

Your friends, Italian waiter, and personal barber Jonathan will be there.




AF ClothingALPHAMAMABlack MilkBoheme BimboDJ KCFalsetto of FashionSabo SkirtSole MateSoul BenefitsThe Clown DoctorsTrickatrons

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