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South African Vocalist Lira Releases ‘Born Free‏’

April 19, 2016 by
written by

Lira’s five multi-platinum albums make her one of South Africa’s highest selling acts.  Now the R&B singer is back with her sixth studio album, Born Free.

Considered one of South Africa’s top contemporary craftsman, LIRA has collected an amazing arrangement of accomplishments. Her immaculate dossier includes a huge number of honors and assignments from South African Music Awards, MTV Africa Awards, BET Awards, Channel O Awards and MOBO Awards and in addition Glamor Magazine South Africa’s ‘Lady of the Year’ – all of which have left a permanent impact on Africa-on the loose.

LIRA’s music mirrors her love for acts such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone, and sits serenely close by the contemporary work of such entertainers as Sade, Maxwell and Lizz Wright, yet her particular voice and individual perspective make her a unique recording craftsman.

When asked to elaborate on the significance of the title Born Free  Lira says, “I grew up in a world where I faced so many limitations. I realized defining freedom for myself and subsequently living it was what I needed to do. In exploring this, the concept of “Born Free” became clearer. I want people to realize how powerful they are and that they can own their freedom. This album has become more than a body of musical work, it seeks to inspire and create change – physically and most importantly, mentally “

The multi-lingual young artist’s distinctive, effervescent song craft combines breezy melodicism, irresistible rhythmic drive and uplifting, personally-charged lyrics that allow such memorable tunes as Rhythm of Your Heart, Listen and Be About It —to fulfill her goal of making music that’s “beautiful, uplifting, empowering and celebratory.”

Born Free blends a new sound with the smooth urban direction synonymous with the LIRA brand. “This is my best record yet” adds Lira, “and listeners should expect to hear the definitive growth and boldness which that brings.”


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