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R. Kelly To Drop New Album – ‘The Buffet’

June 9, 2015 by
written by

The Buffet  is set to be . Kelly’s 14th studio album, after the singer announced it’s inception during an appearance on HLN’s The Daily Share recently.

“Expect the unexpected. My next album is called The Buffet,” the singer said. “I’m very proud of it. I’m having a lot of fun in the studio as I’ve always had. It’s not just another day at the office though. It’s just something very special.”

Kelly goes on to say that the album will touch a range of listeners’ tastes. “I’m 27 years deep in the business. I’ve been blessed to do this music for so long and I’ve got a lot of great songs under my belt, fans love it, but I’ve got all different kinds of generations of fans now and I have to feed everybody.”

“You got hip hop, you got old school music with the ‘Step in the Name of Love’ type music / ‘Happy People’ type of music, then you have traditional R. Kelly sensuous, sexual music. It’s just a variety of things.”

A release date has not been set as yet.

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