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New Frontiers Grant Applications Now Open

September 27, 2013 by
written by

Introducing The New Frontiers: The project to surface and support Australia’s most interesting and unique creative projects.

These are cynical times. It seems like everything is the product of market research and spin – where everything is contrived to gain maximum ‘market share.’

Across Australia there are beautiful new things being created: projects being driven by passion and conviction. Projects that are a rejection of convention, of the established values and of calculated opportunism and mass production.

The New Frontiers is all about this: it’s a project to celebrate and support the people who are bringing their intelligence, creativity and craft to projects driven by passion and conviction.

The project will be doing two things.

1. Provide $10,000 worth of grants to the most interesting and creative Australian projects. Each grant is worth between $250 and $750 and available to projects being crowd funded in Australia between now and December 15.

2. Tell the stories of each of the projects we fund and use Warhol’s Children and our media partners to give them as much exposure as possible.

To apply, to find out more or to nominate a project contact:

Stay tuned, the first grant recipients will be announced this week.

To make this happen we’ve secured sponsorship from Bulleit Bourbon who are going to provide the grant funding and sponsor the content. Bulleit are all about ‘anti-established’ fitting. Here’s a short film to introduce them, directed by Christopher Riggert, with music by Nick Cave.

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