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Kanye West Called Pioneer of ‘Queer Rap’ by Hip Hop Legend

February 5, 2013 by
written by

As rumours swirl about Kanye West‘s next album, apparently titled Rich Black American, he has recently become a target for a new foe.

The future Kardashian husband is being called out by hip hop legend Lord Jamar of the group Brand Nubian. On his new diss track Lift Up Your Skirt, Jamar spews such as lines as “Black man lookin’ half a fag/With a blazer and vest, I’m just amazed at the mess.” The rapper, who gained fame in the early ’90s, goes on to call Mr. West the “pioneer of this queer shit.”

No stranger to controversy, Jamar’s Brand Nubian cohort Sadat X caused a stir with his anti-gay sentiments on the 1992 track Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down, stating “don’t understand their ways I ain’t down with gays.”

This also wouldn’t be the first time Kanye’s sexuality, or species, has been called into question. He was branded a “gay fish” in a 2009 episode of South Park.

What do you think of this whole mess? Check out the track here and let us know.

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