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Holovision Aimed at Creating Life-sized, Interactive Holograms

August 10, 2013 by
written by

A Californian company wants to bring realistic, life-sized holograms into your living room. Provision, a 3D technology company based in Los Angeles, is looking for supporters to back its futuristic “HoloVision” endeavour via the popular entrepreneur website Kickstarter.

The company has already developed some small-scale hologram machines for the retail market that have the ability to project lifelike floating images, and, in some cases, the user can interact with the hologram. For example, Provision’s HoloVision Model HL17 features an interactive touch display controlled by the user’s hand gestures on a holographic keyboard.

“We’ve successfully developed, produced, and are continuing to ship Holographic displays ranging from 3 inches all the way up to 52 inches in size,” Provison says.

Having already created a range of interactive 3D displays aimed at advertising for major retailers, Provision is ready to take the technology one step further. The HoloVision project intends to raise $950,000 to get a jump start on creating bigger and better holograms that can lay the foundation for holographic television and gaming in the future.

“Leveraging the fun, success and credibility of Provision in the commercialization of 3D holographic displays in retail markets, we’ll develop the foundation of the future of holographic technology for everyone, laying the groundwork for known anticipated applications (home game consoles) as well as many exciting future developments,” says Provision.

More specifically, the company first wants to develop a life-sized human hologram as a “proof of concept” with an improved optical system and proprietary light source capable of creating a seven-foot tall hologram.

“Players will be able to actually “see” a floating digital holographic image, and be able to “touch” and interact with the hologram using Provision’s proprietary gesture recognition platform,” says Provision.

With the public’s support, the company hopes to have its “human” hologram ready to go on tour by spring 2014 where it will demonstrate the technology first-hand at several U.S. stops.

Company founder Curt Thornton says Provision believes its technology has a myriad of uses for the future, including holographic cell phones, televisions, computers and uses in the medical field and the military.

“This is going to go from virtual reality to true reality in a holographic environment,” he said.

“Do we need this? I think we need it as well as we want it,” he added. “We live in a 3D world. We talk, we act, we interact, we’re immersed in a 3D world. That is what we’re expecting our future to be.”

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