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DJ Quik Releases The Midnight Life

October 2, 2014 by
written by

Hip Hop legend DJ Quik is set to release his ninth studio LP this week, entitled The Midnight Life. The album will be available through his own Mad Science label, the rapper/producer said the collection reflects his favorite music-making environment.

“This album is my ode to having fun in the midnight hour,” Quik says. “That’s the best time for making music in my opinion. It’s quiet, especially if you’re in a recording studio. You can hear everything and you know everybody’s asleep. You can sneak and do your best work.”

The LP’s lead single Life Jacket features longtime partner in crime Suga Free and new face Dom Kennedy. Other highlights include F*ck All Night, Quik’s Groove 9 and Bacon’s Groove. Other collaborators include Bishop Lamont, Mack 10, El Debarge and Tweed Cadillac.

“Musically, this album is a bulls-eye for me,” Quik says. “Can’t nobody tell me different because I’ve seen it give people chills. I’ve seen it make people happy, smile, drink, party, dance, ask for it on repeat. This album is for people who like to have fun.”

Those who pre-order the album through iTunes will instantly get the first released track from the album, That Getter featuring Quik’s son David Blake.

DJ Quik  The Midnight Life

Below is the final tracklist:

1. Intro
2. That N****r’s Crazy
3. Back That Sh*t Up feat. Tay F 3rd & David Blake II
4. Trapped On The Tracks feat. Bishop Lamont & David Blake II
5. El’s Interlude 2
6. Puffin The Dragon
7. Pet Sematary
8. Life Jacket feat. Suga Free & Dom Kennedy
9. That Getter feat. David Blake
10. The Conduct feat. Mack 10
11. Shine feat. David Blake
12. Bacon’s Groove feat. Rob “Fonksta” Bacon
13. Broken Down feat. Suga Free & Tweed Cadillac
14. Why’d You Have To Lie feat. Joi
15. F*ck All Night
16. Quik’s Groove 9

DJ Quikhip hopLife JacketThe Midnight Life

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