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Diddy Crowned 2012’S Wealthiest Rapper

January 2, 2013 by
written by

If you were to add up the net worth of the top 5 richest rappers of 2012, the grand total would clock in somewhere around 1.4 billion dollars. From their own liquor lines, headphones, clothes, sports teams, record labels and album sales, everything these rappers touch turns to gold.

This year mega entrepreneur Diddy takes the top spot held last year by Jay-Z thanks to his many business ventures. This year Jay was bumped to second and the rest of pack have some catching up to do according to Forbes.

1. Diddy – $550m

2. Jay-Z – $460m

3. Dr Dre – $126m

4. Birdman – $125m

5. 50 Cent – $110m

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