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Deltron 3030 Sequel Out This Year

August 30, 2012 by
written by

Deltron 3030 Sequel Out This Year
After 12 years and a bout of Legionnaires’ disease nothing is stopping Del the Funky Homosapien from unleashing the new Deltron 3030 album.

The awaited sequel to the much raved about self-titled album, a collaboration between Del, producer Dan the Automator and turntablist Kid Koala, will be hitting shelves “October-ish”, the Automator told Rolling Stone.

Deltron 3030: Event II finds Del and co. surveying the post-apocalyptic chaos of 3040, a time he describes to Rolling Stone where “there’s no government, criminals run the streets, people battle just to eat.”

After the artistically draining process of recording the original Deltron 3030 project, Del needed to be fully prepared to get back into that headspace. While talks of a sequel started back in 2006, according to Dan the Automator, the project didn’t materialise until recently.

Calling the album a “rock opera” the eccentric Oakland rapper said that this time around he entrenched himself more in the process as opposed to the “freestyling” approach of last time. “I wanted to write and I wanted to have some kind of substance to it with the approach.”

It has been revealed that actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead contributed to a song called Look Across the Sky. She got involved in the project due to her friendship with Automator, who she met during the filming of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. On the production side the group has shied away from the sample-based tapestry of the first project in favour of live guitar, synth and other instruments, which are then chopped up with precision by Kid Koala.

The album is “more of a commentary about where we’re heading,” Dan the Automator revealed, with subject matter drawing influence from current events. Stay tuned for an official release date and more updates as they come.


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