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Roach Gigz – Roachy Balboa III

August 7, 2013 by

Click on the image above to visit the download link.

San Francisco rapper Roach Gigz has dropped his new mixtape, Roachy Balboa III.

Roach believes that he’s grown since his last release of the Roachy Balboa series, and promises that on his new mixtape he doesn’t worry himself with making sure to touch on every subject, but just rapping about what comes naturally.

“I think musically, this is one of my best releases” Roach says of the new tape. “I think the whole project separates me from the pack, honestly. I might rap about some of the same shit everybody enjoys…I just do it cooler.”

1. “RB3”
2. “Vertigo”
3. “It’s Lit” ft. IamSu!
4. “100 In The Fastlane” ft. Clyde Carson, 1-O.A.K.
5. “Against The Law”
6. “Crack A 40” ft. Kool John
7. “How I Feel”
8. Actin’ Funny” ft. Remedy
9. “Employment”
10. “Full Time Job”
11. “Sip”
12. “Sick American”
13. “Pu$$y Magnet” ft. Kreayshawn
14. “Back 2 Cali” ft. Pac B
15. “Goomba Circus” ft. Marlow, Pac B
16. “Boss’d Up” ft. Marlow
17. “Don’t Forget The Gigz”


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