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Dee Jay Eveready – Listening Therapy Mixtape

August 6, 2013 by

In praise to local talent, upcoming Melbourne-based DJ, Dee Jay Eveready gives listeners a new experience of hip-hop with his latest mixtape, Listening Therapy.

With an in-depth knowledge of hip-hop and well-crafted sonic techniques, Dee Jay Eveready displays his turntable prowess. Conscious attention to detail is evident within his mixtapes, through the use of intro’s, interludes, outro’s & track remixes. This is definitely a mixtape any hip-hop enthusiast can head-bop to.

“I devote a lot of my time to putting out Mixtapes, when I say mixtapes I don’t just mean a mix with just one track after another and that’s it. I put months of work into my product, trying to give the listener an experience that they don’t usually receive.”

– Dee Jay Eveready

Dee Jay Eveready - Listening Therapy Mixtape

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