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Say What: The Weeknd – Kiss Land

May 17, 2013 by
written by

As if an entire trilogy was not enough to make you kegel and cream involuntarily (gals and guys), Canadian crooner The Weeknd unleashes Kiss Land – a beast of an erotic single brimming with the carnal, sexual brutality which drugged you into his music since 2011. Kiss Land will also be the title of his next album – no solid release date has yet been announced, but if the past is anything to go off, you’ll remain nice and wet in anticipation.

Either way, your cup runneth over with naughty juices. Grab your partner and uncage the tiger with this as your soundtrack; better yet, do yourselves a favour by lasting more than these seven minutes and instead add it to his entire two-and-a-half hour long tantric trilogy as your soundtrack. Not sure why you should? Here’s why.

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