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Say What: Nokia Redials Its 3310 Mobile Phone

March 9, 2017 by
written by

A week or so back you may have heard rumours going around that Nokia’s famous 3310 phone would be making a comeback. Well, the rumours are quite true as the once almighty Nokia have decided to relaunch a jacked up version of its most popular handset. Originally released in 2000, the phone was a quick favourite among mobile phone users and sold over 126 million units across the globe.

The new version is lighter and a comes in a variety of colours including yellow, red, blue and grey. It also is updated with colour screen, 2-megapixel camera, and the Opera Mini browser for basic web browsing. However, the most impressive feature of the new phone is the 22 hours of talk time available and a full month of standby juice.

And, yes, it features a revamped version of game Snake.

The Nokia 3310 launched in Q2 this year for just $52 USD.

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