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Permanent Record: Dumbest Tattoos

December 19, 2012 by
written by

It’s a huge epidemic, one that has grown to especially ridiculous proportions. Of course, I’m talking about that compulsion to put ink to skin, with a tattoo or few.

Whether it’s claimed to be self-expression, trendy or plain stupidity, everyone has their reason for getting a tattoo. People should think more than twice before putting something on their skin that will stay there for life. So with that being said we take a look at some of the dumbest tattoos we’ve found on the skin of celebrities, crazed fans and everyday civilians.

Enjoy and feel free to send us any tattoo blunders you know of that we missed!

Photos: BET (Birdman), MTV (Chris Brown), Gawker (Gucci Mane), People (Nick Cannon), Vice (Drake), Smosh (Mike Tyson)

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