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Movie Review: M3GAN

January 22, 2023 by
written by

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking M3GAN is another “doll-possessed” movie. This motion picture is anything but.

Touted as “the only toy you’ll ever need”, inventor Gemma creates a life-like, self-sufficient doll (M3GAN) that’s gifted to and paired with her 8-year-old niece Katie (who is unexpectedly placed under Gemma’s care). As the first prototype, the invention starts off great. The doll can carry a conversation, is an attentive listener, and has incredible EQ. But of course, things start to go awry when M3GAN’s system starts to corrupt.

M3GAN is an ominous reminder not to play God, drawing parallels between Annabelle, I, Robot and – sure, why not – Frankenstein. Along the way, whether intentional or not, there are quite a few laughs to be had. This provides the perfect comic relief between sinister scenes.

This is a horror movie that doesn’t rely on jump scares to get the message across that AI can be freaking terrifying. What’s most unsettling is that this reality may not be too far from us. When that day comes, all I can say is, I for one, welcome our robot overlords.

In the meantime, enjoy this refreshing horror masterpiece as a piece of well-done fiction.

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