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Haberstashery: Melbourne, You fancy.

April 18, 2013 by
written by

Haberstashery is back!

I recently traveled down to Melbourne for Carbon Festival and if you’re wondering what Carbon is, basically think of the TED conferences but aimed at the creative and arty individuals that aim to change, influence and succeed.  Well, okay that pretty much describes TED, but anyway that’s besides the point. Melbourne is known to be a shopping hub amongst Australians and I have to say some of Australia’s best stores are in Melbourne. You can stumble across Sure Store for all your street wear needs, Minotaur a pop culture kingdom and my favourite, Sole Devotion, a store for all the Wingtip and Double monk enthusiasts and not to forget the plethora of other boutiques, cafes and bars hidden in Melbournes not-so-creepy alleyways.

With awesome stores you get awesomely dressed individuals frolicking, skating or riding fixies in Melbournes misty streets. Here are four well dressed Melbournians here to resurrect Haberstashery from the dead. If you’re wondering what Haberstashery is, be sure check out the previous Haberstashery installments here (or the full images here) or visit our facebook page to see our exclusive pics from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

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