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Haberstashery: Colour Theory

November 30, 2012 by
written by

This week Haberstashery meets art school 101, as I present my colour theory. Colour can play an important role in regards to styling oneself. It can determine ones mood and personality, right down to identifying certain people by what colour they wear (Nicki Minaj = Rihanna Pink, Bill Cunningham = Royal Blue, Chris Brown = Rihanna Red).

Colours can evoke a wide range of emotions and have differing impacts on people. Take the crisp blue coat and the off-white dress that Gab (pictured above) is wearing. It suggests a warm feel, but a form of professionalism is involved with this outfit. Or take the other lady, donning the maroon pants and the grey top, which evoke a laid back and relaxed, casual aura. Well, to me it does anyway. It reinforces the idea that various colours have different interpretations and connotations.

I imagine, the featured fashion conscious ladies are well aware of what colours compliment each other in order to create a harmonious and eye pleasing outfit. Even though the clothing they are wearing is quite simple, the colours give their outfits an added boost that make them stand out from the crowd.

Have you ever noticed how most kids grow up wearing matching shoes, socks, shirts and other various clothing items, looking like a brand/colour whore? Some grow out of the phase and explore the pleasurable world of the colour spectrum. Where as the ones that are found wearing white ties and black shirts (year 10/12 formal, anyone?) are oblivious when it comes to colour in general and are forever alone stuck in this absurdity where everything must be the same colour. Not trying to knock it, Diddy and Mase were known for it (see: this video) and pulled it off well in the ’90s and some still do in this day and age.

Nevertheless, ditch the greys, blacks and whites, take note from the two well dressed ladies featured above and embrace the colour young padawans.

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