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Art Space: Star Wars Vs Cars

November 30, 2015 by
written by

Many Padawans and Jedi Masters alike have caught the Star Wars bug recently thanks to the new episode of the super popular franchise – which is due for release in a few short weeks.

To keep the love (and fuel) flowing, the guys at CarWow have assembled a collection of automobiles fashioned around some of the Star Wars regulars.

The series features the Han Solo’s Millennium Hellcat, Darth Vader’s BMW Z4, Alfa Romeo Giulia Stormtrooper Edition, Wedge Antilles’ Lamborghini A-wing, Boba Fett’s Mercedes G-Class, Jar Jar Binks’ Nissan Juke, Luke Skywalker’s Mazda MX-5 and Darth Maul’s Honda NSX.

Expect to see a whole slew of new vehicles in The Force Awakens which opens December 18th.

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