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Los Residentes #9 with BENI @ Survivor! Club of Legends

Event Date — Saturday, October 20th, 2012 | Submitted by

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Man kind has not chosen one prophet for the next coming , it has chosen several individuals to lead the path to the dance kingdom, where one will find a burning flame of all your desires. These los prophets….messiahs even, will lead us to the coming and you too will walk not behind, but next to them.

Flight professional BENI leading the pack of the leaders. Though AIRWOLF/ KRIS BAHA / JOSH COLLIS & EMMANUEL will lead , closely near the leader of the leaders in the DANSE ARENA….PREQUEL/ BOOTY

QUEST / PLAY lead us in the sunset club and THE FRANCIS INFERNO ORCHESTRA/ THE TORTOISE & LOVE HOTEL DISTRICT shalt also lead the ways in the BOTTOM END followed by the nearing of the cometh…THE SUNDAY MORNING AFTER HOURS

One does simply not need invitation to lead. One leads while others follow to lead. We eat, drink and celebrate together Survivors as this is our LOS RESIDENTES.


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