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What You Missed This Weekend – The Killing Joke, DMX, and The Robopocalypse

March 26, 2013 by
written by

Hola Stashmatics!

Dr Infinite  here and I hope you all enjoyed your hot weekend in the Sun, I know we did!

First and foremost, Captain Murphy a.k.a Rappin’ Flylo dropped the first music video from his DUΔLITY mixtape, The Killing Joke. The song is a short 2-minute odyssey infused with a Portugese Psych beat and sprinkled with samples from everyone’s favourite Masked Vigilante. FYI, the title came from the world’s greatest comic book penned by Watchmens’ Alan Moore.

Second in line we have the ever elusive, evasive and electronic Daft Punk announcing the name and release date of their fourth studio album. The LP is called Random Access Memories and is slated for a May 21st launch date. That’s pretty amazing judging by the fact that this is the first solid news we have heard from the Robo-Duo sans the SXSW stuffs.

Also it shall feature a track in collaboration and about Giorgio Moroder’s life. Awesome!

Random Access Memories

Finally, DMX tweeted a photo of himself on a horse. DMX. On a horse. What an age we live in!
Sources are uncertain of who took the actual photo, whether is was on an Iphone or an Android,  but nevertheless, DMX was on a horse.

Happy Tuesday Stashmatics!

DMX on a Horse


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