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Lupe Fiasco Launches HIGI: Humans Final Frontier

March 20, 2013 by
written by

Lupe Fiasco HIGI 2013

2013 may have only started 3 months ago but it sure has proven to be a busy year for rapper, producer and political activist Lupe Fiasco. On top of his on going tour commitments, anti-Obama statements and the upcoming release of his fourth studio album Testuo & Youth; Lupe has taken time out of his busy schedule to launch HIGI at SXSW.

HIGI is a lifestyle app in which Lupe Fiasco works as a Creative Director. Described as being ‘Your Score for Life’, HIGI intends to measure your health, well-being and influence by taking measurements from your body, lifestyle and social interactions at HIGI kiosks. Once HIGI takes these measurements it puts through an algorithm and gives you a score between 400 and 999, and once you get into the 900’s you are able to join a 900 club where HIGI starts offering you real-time rewards. Lupe Fiasco stresses that the score that you get is something that you are very much in control of, therefore if your want to get a higher score and into the 900’s club you have to start conditioning yourself.

At this stage it’s unclear whether HIGI kiosks will be hitting our Australian shores anytime soon, but we at the Stash Headquarters are excited about the proposition because, hey, if it means getting 900 score to get free tickets to the next Lupe Fiasco gig it’s probably time to start hitting the gym.


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