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Black Milk Drops ‘Computer Ugly Ugly/Why Worry?’ & Synth Or Soul EP

April 5, 2013 by
written by

Detroit MC and producer Black Milk will release Computer Ugly Ugly/Why Worry? – the double-instrumental from his new EP Synth Or Soul. Dropping on April 20th for Record Store Day the EP will combine synth-driven beats on one side with beats derived exclusively from soul samples on the flip.

The artwork for the project is the first peek at a special collaboration with illustrator Upendo ‘Pen’ Taylor (NIKE, Leroy Jenkins, Gatorade) called Fuzz, Freqs & Colors (FFC) an instrumental art series which will marry the musical and visual. Synth Or Soul is the first in a series of records produced by the pair for the collaborative project. Take a listen below.

Black Milk

1. Computer Ugly Ugly
2. When The Sky Falls
3. 600
4. Higgs Boson
5. Piano Moog

6. 80′s TV Show
7. Why Worry
8. Deep Breath Deep Bass
9. Heaven’s Cry
10. Wish A N’gga Would
11. 10 Luv
12. Drunk Tweets

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