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Sanjay – RRRICH Mixtape

July 3, 2013 by

Click on the image above to visit the download link.

Ace dancehall lyricist Sanjay has passed another signpost in his career with the release of his first mixtape dubbed RRRICH.

The 24 track RRRICH Mixtape, which has been making the rounds online and on fan devices since last week, is a culmination of several months of credible recordings by the Kingston based DJ mixed into a fun and exciting compilation by Cashflow Rinse.

The tape feature previously released as well as new works from collaborators such as Beenie Man on Piece a Di Wine and Aliane on Wine Closer. The hits include Bad Up the Luvy and Drop Dat.

Sanjay says he is happy with the reception of the RRRICH Mixtape so far:

“The people love it and my twitter and facebook have been blowing up with positive comments. This is just a piece of what’s to come for the rest of the year as we continue to make good music”.

Mixtape Tracklist

01. sadiki intro
02. Richards family
03. bad up
04. hold dem clean
05. hold dem raw
06. Question 1: why u do this?
07. Champion Bubbla
08. Drop Dat
09. piece a di wine
10. Quest 2: where u get rich frm?
11. Move dat body
12. Wine like yu Love Me
13. Wine Closer
14. love the way you Move
15. Mamacita
16. Quest3: intense a distract u?
17. She want fi party
18. Who bad like you
19. Sanjay ft Deep jahi
20. Sadiki interlude:Go pick
21. Harder they fall
22. Never leave u lonely
23. Sadiki Outro
24. Sanjay track out version

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