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Briggs – Briggs & Friends Vol 1 Mixtape

December 15, 2013 by

Click on the image above to visit the download link.

In the lead up to his new album Sheplife out next year, Briggs has complied a mega mixtape with DJ Flagrant featuring an array of collaborations he’s produced with friends over the years.

01. Briggs BMW & Flago Powers – Intro
02. Clandestein & Billy Bunks – The Joint
03. Last Kinection – Burning Bridges
04. Macho Man with Trials & K21
05. So Dangerous with Trials
06. Let It Go with Sietta
07. Since Forever with Hilltop Hoods
08. Dope Squad with Motley, Remi, Nfa, Hau, Wan Sikth, Azmarino
09. The Underground with Hilltop Hoods, Horrorshow & Classified
10. My Priority with Reason
11. Sweet Science with Bitter Belief & Hau
12. Deuce Love & Big Sigh with Vents
13. Keep That Mouth Shut with Tornts
14. Don Dada with Sky’High, David Dallas & Roxxanne
15. Game Time with Maundz
16. Aint No Place with Eloquor
17. The Roll Call with Funkoars, Vents & K21
18. Get Up with Hau

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