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SEXY TIME: The Namy Effect

August 11, 2012 by
written by

When did you realise you wanted to be a model, how did you get your start?

I’ve always had interest in watching fashion shows and beauty pageants since I was a child and thought one day I would love to be a model ! I put my plan into action and with the help and support of my loved ones, I started to shoot with upcoming photographers in Melbourne through Model Mayhem.

What work have you done so far, what have been your best experiences?

I started off doing photo-shoots with photographers in Melbourne, Australia. Even though at that point modelling was a hobby that I was growing into, it gave me such a good opportunity to network with different people. Planet Urban gave me a great opportunity to be a presenter for their show called The Street Code. That was one of my favourite experiences as it was my first time doing a video shoot.
I then moved to UAE and continued shooting. Only this time, it was on a bit more professional level. I worked with ESMOD French Fashion School in Dubai for three months with experienced photographers and some pictures have been published on websites and photography galleries.

I now live in Birmingham, United Kingdom where I have done a few shoots and also catwalk in iAmAfroBeauty’s Fashion Show. The last project I worked on was a video for a Model Industry Party in London where Scorcher will be performing.

I honestly have had a great experience with every Photographer and Make Up Artist I have worked with. Although, I must say that I had an amazing time at the Fashion Show as that was my first Catwalk project and I absolutely fell in love with the stage !

What are your goals with modelling?

I have a large interest in the field of Media and also studying the industry at university. I am more of a ‘behind the scenes’ person. I like to know how things work from scratch and what makes an event run successfully. I will continue shooting with photographers. However, I do look forward to doing more fashion shows and video shoots.

Are you looking at other parts of entertainment beyond modelling?

Yes. I managed Xander Pratt for a year while I lived in Melbourne and that made me realise that modelling is not so much of a career interest, it is a hobby I am quite passionate about. My interest in artist management made me move to the UK and pursue public relations, media and music industries. I want to study and learn everything before I go out there and pursue my career. I am also a promoter and I am launching the new faces of Birmingham in September 2012. My promotions team is called La Boom. I take every opportunity that comes my way and say yes to something I have never done before. I personally take risks and if a mistake is made, I make sure I learn from it. How will you know if you’ve never tried ?!

We could guess but what body part are you most proud of and which one has gotten you the most comments?

I am very proud of my legs ! It’s not something I have worked out on at the gym. In fact I hardly work out on my legs. I have been a swimmer since I was little and have been religiously swimming every single day till my early teens. That’s where I get it from.

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