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Movie Review: Strays

August 20, 2023 by
written by

Strays centers around a cute and naive Border Terrier named Reggie (Will Ferrell) who is the epitome of man’s best friend. Despite his human being a tool Reggie truly believes he’s loved and every day is amazing. His owner Doug goes to every length to get rid of Reggie but the little guy is just not having it.

Eventually, Reggie meets Bug (Jamie Foxx), a foul-mouthed stray Boston Terrier who shows him the basics of stray life. Subsequently, he encounters Maggie (Isla Fisher) and Hunter (Randall Park), companions of Bug. Following a night of revelry in the city, marked by excessive drinking and engaging in questionable interactions with garden decorations, Reggie has an epiphany. He begins to grasp the validity of his newfound friends’ perspective and acknowledges that he has been entangled in a harmful relationship throughout his entire existence.

As his anger grows over his previous owner, the four dogs head off on an adventure so Reggie can take his revenge on the one thing Doug loves most in the world – his wang. The film then explores the different trials the group takes in order to exact revenge on Doug. Crude but funny and what you would expect from the trailers, this is a movie not necessarily for all dog lovers.

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