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EP Review: P-Smurf – The Story So Far

July 17, 2013 by
written by

One fourth of Sydney hip hop group Daily Meds, P-Smurf has already showcased his solo material with this 7-track EP.

This release shows his talent as a lyricist combined with a very diverse array of sounds and sonic textures. The release contains plenty of catchy hooks, bold production and complex lyrical flows.

His delivery can be quite technically skilled at times rhyming at various tempos and often using multi-syllabic rhyme patterns. Lyrically the EP displays his ability of wordplay and sharp-wit, creating a strong sense of humor with clever wordplay and punchlines.

Opening track When It All Falls Down gives a fairly good indication of the rest of the EP with it’s very soulful quality, the melody is very infectious and it’s a very enticing track to start off with. The song is filled with soul samples thought the beat as well sounding very polished and slick. I Heard The World Screaming is vastly different going for a much more mellow approach with its soulful reggae vibe.

2 Hernias is a different vibe to both tracks altogether, with its very hypnotic keyboard loop and mellow, abstract beat. The track makes reference to P-Smurf’s vulnerability to injury, illness and mental health albeit in a very flippant and witty fashion.  Lose It and Lost Souls continue in the same vein as the first track, embracing the soul influence that’s evident in lots of P-Smurf‘s music. The former has a fairly standard R&B hook for its chorus while the latter ops for a more jazz-influenced piano sound, while using a 60s-style soul sample for its hook.

This is a very interesting EP which has a lot of contrast with  the sounds and style of production. It’s extremely soulful, lyrical, both catchy and abstract at the same time, whilst maintaining a sense of humor and a social conscience.

This is an artist to look out for in the future.


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