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Lil Wayne Disses New York, Senator Wants Apology

August 24, 2012 by
written by

Lil Wayne is never shy about expressing his opinions, whether they are popular or not. Rather than beefing with one particular rapper or crew he may now have an entire city against him.

In a recent interview Wayne was asked about the Summer Jam debacle involving Nicki Minaj and Hot 97. Rather than simply address that topic he went on to voice his distaste for the city where the incident took place. “Flat out: I don’t like New York,”¬†Weezy told MTV News this past Monday, while in Las Vegas to introduce his new line of sneakers with Supra.

While the comment is out of the blue The Young Money boss may still have a bad taste in his mouth after being arrested and ultimately jailed for gun possession after a 2007 show in New York. Add to that the Summer Jam incident from earlier this year, which saw Nicki Minaj cancel her performance after being criticised on the air by Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg.

These comments however did not go unnoticed. Queens State Senator Malcolm Smith sent out a press release demanding a public apology from Wayne.

Earlier today Smith held a press conference to voice his opinion on the issue. He was joined by¬†members of the hip hop youth council and tourism officials to demand an apology. “If you don’t like New York you don’t have to come to New York,” Smith said brazenly. He went on to say that Wayne’s comments insulted Jay-Z and the memory of Frank Sinatra. “I would like to think he had a lapse in mental judgement and I hope he will think about it.”

Appearing unapologetic Wayne’s mentor Birdman said he was supporting his “son” and backed up the anti-NY view. “If he don’t like it, I don’t like it.”

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